Brazil, like many countries around the world, is experiencing a severe and growing housing deficit as a result of a dramatic mismatch between production and need. There are too many people without a home and too many homes without people. Housing available for low-income populations is frequently inadequate, unaffordable, and unstable. In response, members of social movements demand more: our solution is autogestão (self-managed) housing, democratically produced and governed through practices of mutirão (mutual aid), collective property, and joint effort.

The site acts as a one-stop shop for understanding the benefits of autogestão housing. It hosts UNMP’s proposed Legal Framework for Self-Management Law as well as supporting educational resources, including fact sheets/flyers, case studies, an interactive mapping tool, and interviews with members of the movements.

This short documentary characterizes the housing crisis in Brazil and explores how autogestão housing can provide a hopeful alternative to for-profit, developer-led housing.

The bill is currently being drafted by UNMP leadership, its members and collaborators, and they want to hear from you!
Future bill updates and opportunities to get involved with its promotion will be posted here.

From the Movement Members:

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Maria Elena Projeto Bosque da Barra

“Self-management, for the movement, is to work from acquiring the land to turning the keys.”

“We have to fight for others because other people have fought for us.”

“The home is just the gateway to all other rights that come with it. We in the movement don’t fight for just housing.”

This website was created through a partnership between União Nacional por Moradia Popular (UNMP), União dos Movimentos de Moradia (UMM), and graduate students at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. The documentary contains film taken by students of the University of Michigan’s during a trip to the São Paulo metropolitan region in March 2020. 


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