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The proposed Legal Framework for Self-Management Law, available for review and comment below, creates the Regulatory Framework for Self-Management and the National Program for Self-Management of Housing Production at a national level in Brazil. The law seeks to address the severe housing crisis, which profoundly affects low-income residents and impacts many essential facets of life – access to employment, healthcare, education, and security. The law provides an alternative to for-profit housing through a model of collective property and self-management that protects housing production from commodification, ensuring long-term affordability and security of tenure.

The bill establishes, among other things:

Key principles of self-management in housing and relevant definitions (Ch. 2, Art. 2-3);

Income levels that qualify for the program to ensure housing provision is prioritized for the lowest incomes (Ch. 3, Art. 4);

Levels of qualification for organizations to participate and provide housing through this program in order to ensure legitimacy and quality of housing providers (Ch. 3, Art. 6);

Processes for selecting housing providers and projects (Ch. 3, Art. 7-9);

Funding sources that may be used to execute projects under the program, and the direct and indirect costs associated with the program (Ch. 3, Art. 10-14);

A collective property ownership structure, and the transferability of collective property (Ch. 4, Art. 15 and 18); and,

Rights and obligations of residents of a housing project (Ch. 4, Art. 16-17).

For three decades, UNMP has successfully built housing through self-management. Legislation would allow a significant scaling up of the program, provide programmatic security and stable funding, and establish clear qualifications and processes for the provision of housing. The law also protects housing via self-management from changes in municipal, state, and federal governments. In short, the legislation makes third-sector organizations legitimate and secure housing producers in Brazil. In line with the principles of the movement, UNMP crafted the bill through a democratic and participatory process inclusive of its members. UNMP is now providing further opportunities to provide feedback on the proposed legislation, and your participation matters! 

Please review the proposed legislation below and provide feedback via comments at the end of the webpage, referencing section and article numbers where appropriate. Feedback may come in the form of critique and suggestions for improvement, identification of potential unforeseen issues or complications, and/or endorsement of particular components that you like. This feedback is extremely valuable. UNMP will read and carefully consider this feedback as it refines the bill.

The Proposed Bill


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