Self Managed Housing

Gorgeous, Scalable, and Perpetually Affordable Housing for the People

Welcome to autogestão housing across Brazil! This interactive map demonstrates that the production of self-managed housing is feasible on a large scale and is an excellent alternative to market-led models of housing production. These projects highlight the process of self management, where the power of decision lies with residents via democratic decision-making processes, mutual aid, and solidarity.

Autogestão housing is made possible because of the strength and perseverance of the social movements and their dedicated members. For years, they have been fighting in the absence of a specific enabling legal framework, as innovative actors in the production and management of affordable housing across Brazil. In the past 40 years, over 100,000 self-managed housing units have been produced across Brazil, including 21,000 under the Solidarity Credit program. Despite continuous interruptions in funding across state and federal political administrations, the social movements have been able to continue building autogestão housing for the benefit of Brazilians. But with a federal law that enables a permanent funding mechanism for autogestão, the ability to scale up production of this model of housing will increase significantly, allowing for countless people to find perpetually affordable, stable, and beautiful housing outside of the market. Learn more about Lei da Autogestão Já.

These housing projects do more than improve the lives of their residents: they revitalize neighborhoods, empower women and their families, and show us that a better world is possible. Represented here is a selection of Autogestão housing affiliated under UNMP. With a collection of projects funded and built via FUNAPS Communitario, the Solidarity Credit Program and MCMV-E, this map highlights the success of Autogestão. Learn more about these inspiring housing projects and get in-depth views into a selection of projects from the list below.

Highlighted Projects


Map of Self Management Housing Under UMM

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