Additional Projects

More Autogestão Housing

Hear from residents at other projects built via self-management. While detailed information about these projects is not readily available at the moment, anecdotes from residents highlight how autogestão housing has empowered their lives.

Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire is a striking example of the success of autogestão. The open nature of the design facilitates resident interaction and connection - while conversing with neighbors on shared balcony space, parents can easily spot children playing in common areas below. Residents were deeply involved in the design of Paulo Freire, and continue to shape the space to fit their needs. For example, the project originally did not include parking in the original design, as the city was far less car dependent when construction first broke ground. However, as the years passed, it became clear that onsite parking was necessary. Thus, residents engaged in democratic decision-making to incorporate parking into the project.

Condomínio Iracema Euzebio

Condomínio Iracema Euzebio is a high-rise development with a central location in downtown São Paulo. Not only does this development offer easy access to transportation and job opportunities, but also customizable, spacious units that are owned by the residents at an affordable price. In addition to elevator accessibility, Condomínio Iracema Euzebio has a marvelous spiral staircase that demonstrates intentional, high-quality design.