Alexios Jafet

Alexios Jafet is currently under construction. Once completed, this development will provide a staggering 1,104 units and will represent the largest self-managed housing development in South America. Located in the Jaraguá neighborhood of São Paulo, Alexios Jafet offers breathtaking views, 15 high-rise buildings, and plenty of common space throughout the development for residents to enjoy.

The Process

Design Method with Coordination: The first discussions were with the coordination of the three associations through an “executive meeting” based on collective decisions, several meetings with CAO & CRE, and coordination with each association. As support material AT used plans, presentations and models. The discussions resulted in different project proposals for each association.

Project Method with Families: From suggestions from the coordinators considering possibilities and limitations of the project, the proposals were presented. It took several meetings so that new considerations could be discussed and incorporated into the final proposal. Presentations, models, and 3D images were used.

Task Force: Each family participates with two days per month. The tasks do not involve specialization and are designed with the AT and the commission of work coordinators. They contribute to the management of work related to the day-to-day construction site, for example: waste management, work safety, and the environment.

Issues Raised by Families: More parking; balcony placement; extra rooms; trade areas; children's play areas

Site Plan

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Unit Plans

I would like that, that the fight passed down to him [my son], passed down to other families also, for the children of the children, then, one of the biggest challenges, in fact, is to keep this love for, for the movement, right! The People, and the challenges always existed always will, right!? So, the question is to sustain, make sure that everything keeps generating an, how will I be able to say, awakening the love for the people's cause.

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