Condomínio Vila Patrimonial

Condomínio Vila Patrimonial offers its 96 households spacious, airy apartments with flexible design options. The project is beautiful, featuring terraced, crisscrossing paths at the heart of the site and a relaxing, lush courtyard. The use of brick visually unifies the site's common spaces with its private spaces. This project is striking in how quickly a well-organized housing association can come together to construct a housing project.

The Process

Design Method with Coordination: The first coordination meetings started long before the project began, during the struggle for land acquisition. Technical advisors collaborated to negotiate the land acquisition directly with the owner. Secondly, the meetings exposed the design possibilities involving legislation and program rules, enabling the development of fundamental guidelines for the continuity of the project development.

Project Method with Families: Based on suggestions from the coordinators, the technical specificities and possibilities according to current legislation were considered, and the advisory made presentations via Powerpoint, 3D images of the project, and mockups to illustrate the proposal to all families. The project was widely discussed at meetings and approved by the assembly.

Issues Raised by Families: Families addressed the possibility of constructing balconies, the possibility of a third room, and integration between kitchen and main room without dividers. All points mentioned were discussed, adapted, and incorporated into the project according to financial viability.

Site Plan

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Unit Plan

"It’s all women, all the work and coordination."

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