Edifício Dandara

Edifício Dandara is centrally located in downtown São Paulo, within walking distance to three metro stations. Unlike other self-managed housing projects, this project revitalized a formerly unused Ministry of Labor building rather than constructing from scratch. This project illustrates that amenities and unit design considered "luxurious" is accessible and affordable to all when executed through self-management.

The Process

Design Method with Coordination: Included project discussion meetings / workshops.

Preparation and Approval Bodies: The workshops and assemblies are open and geared toward addressing all demands.

Issues Raised by Families: Difficulties regarding the limitations of retrofitting.

Site Plan

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Unit Plans

"Why is ULCM fighting for people who work and who live downtowon, to stay living in the center? It is not fair that you work and study [downtown] and have to move from the Extreme East District to do all of these things here, right?"

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