Mutirões Dorothy Stang, Jerônimo Alves e Martin Luther King

Mutirões Dorothy Stang, Jerônimo Alves e Martin Luther King are currently under construction. Once complete, the projects will offer three typologies of rooms depending on the needs and desires of residents. In creating this space, residents participate in one of 17 commissions including health, conflict resolution, and accounting, among many others. These commissions encourage democratic governance and transparency. Much of the design involved in construction of this project responds to the proximity of a nearby petrochemical plant, so great effort is being made to protect from noise and other types of pollution.

The Process

Design Method with Coordination: The project is discussed with the coordination committee, concentrating on the feasibility study stage for the land purchase.

Project Method with Families: Activities were carried out based on the collective consideration of urban land where the land is located, from the scale from the neighborhood to the São Matheus region, with bus lines, public infrastructure, rivers, roads, etc. A subsequent activity was based on the terrain itself, including slope, forms of implantation, etc. It was also based on diverse references of housing projects in Brazil and worldwide. Housing typologies were discussed in specific activities, with the use of a 1:10 scale of furniture on a magnet base for better handling.

Issues Raised by Families: The arrangement of apartments is the main subject of discussion. Also, the meeting of the balcony with the service room, and unification of the living room and kitchen in contiguous space. About collective spaces, one much debated point was the amount of vacant parking and community spaces. At a certain point, space was planned for a Basic Health Unit, which was not carried out.

Site Plan

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Unit Plans

"It’s all women, all the work and coordination."

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