Projeto Barra do Jacaré

Projeto Barra do Jacaré was almost entirely completed in June 2019, offering 592 units to its new residents. This beautiful and expansive development offers an immense number of units while making efforts to preserve green spaces and native vegetation, seamlessly integrating the development into its natural landscape. An airy central courtyard provides space for children to play, as parents and grandparents look on from their windows nearby.

The Process

Design Method with Coordination: Meetings, presentations of other projects, and seminars. At these meetings the discussions always considered financial strength.

Design Method with Families: meetings, presentation of other projects, and seminars.

Preparation for Development: Commission of representatives of families; meetings were open to families based on the importance of their involvement in monitoring preparation; among them there was freedom to debate. It was formed as an initial group of 32 persons but was reduced during the process, ending up with 14 people.

Site Plan

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Unit Plans

Things are different from where I used to live... I pay R$155 [in condo fees]. I used to pay R$850. Look at the difference! Today I am able to sit and think about what I may be able to buy with the money I save on rent.

Connect with the Association of Landless Workers in the West and Northwest Zones
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Also in Collaboration with the Vale das Flores Residential Complex Workers Association